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16th September
Boarders Travel Home
MSB Office Closes at 4pm

16th September - 4th October
School Holidays

3rd October
Queen's Birthday Public Holiday Qld

4th October
Boarders Travel to School
MSB Office Re-opens

5th October
All Classes commence Term 4

15th-17th October
Boarders Free Weekend

17th October
Pupil Free Day



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Mount St Bernard College offers a quality, Catholic secondary education for young people, male and female, in Years 7 through 12.  At MSB we are proud of our Mercy traditions, while remaining responsive to the contemporary needs of students who seek a faith-based education that will stand them in good stead for the future. Catholic Education Office Cairns

Our College is a culturally diverse community which provides a holistic education that nurtures the academic, spiritual, emotional, physical, cultural and social development of individual students in a caring, safe and supportive environment. At MSB we recognise the individuality of every one of our students. We seek to help each student become the best person they can be, by providing quality learning and teaching and making available a rich tapestry of sporting,artistic and other co-curricular activities, to help them discover and develop their personal giftedness.

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Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting 12 students and 4 staff from Willowra School which is situated 330 km North / North East from Alice Springs. The students are nearing the end of their primary schooling and are in need of the services of a school that will suit their needs. Mount St Bernard College is one such school that has been recommended by the Northern Territory Transition Support Unit. The group flew into Cairns on Saturday, then came to MSBC on Sunday for a boarding immersion experience. They attended classes (Art, Maths, English), ate with the boarding students in the dining room, attended youth group with Danny, and were taken on a tour of some of the Atherton Tablelands major attractions.

For these desert students to experience rainforest, waterfalls and lakes was quite an exciting time for them. The shouts of excitement and joy for them were a pleasure to hear, and the look in their eyes when they saw the waterfalls was something that I will remember for quite some time. The traditional stories from the local people regarding the land forms around Herberton were of great interest to the students and staff from Willowra. The photos show the group in the rain forest while it’s raining. That was quite an experience for these children, because the river that runs through the country in the desert has only had water in it once in the last 6 years.

 Term 3     Term 3 

Tired!Last weekend 42 students were rewarded for their consistently good behaviour during the term. The students decided that a shopping trip was the thing they most wanted, so we took the girls on Saturday and the boys on Sunday to Cairns Central and gave each of them some spending money ($20), and off they went to buy all the necessary items – Frozen Coke, McDonalds, lollies & phone credit!

It is a pleasure to reward the students for continuing to do the right thing in the boarding houses, such as cleaning, doing extra chores, wearing the correct uniform, being on time, staying in the prescribed boundaries and having a positive attitude. These students have been acknowledged by the MSBC community, and I request that all parents and care givers acknowledge the positive effect these students have in the boarding facility. The photo shows the boys returning to MSB after a tough day of shopping. It is tough work eating, drinking and shopping.

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