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Greetings MSB Community,  Although we said farewell to our students last Thursday, many employees of the college remain focussed on the task at hand. For some, this includes crafting school reports and data entry, whilst others are busily addressing end of year maintenance and administrative tasks.

As we reflect upon the year that was, we start to visualise the year that will be. This includes the induction of new staff, students and families into the college community. It also includes new and improved strategies to better meet the shifting demands of our student population.

Many of these decisions have been informed by careful analysis our 2021 data profile.

According to our school wellbeing and satisfaction surveys, staff and students of the college have felt safe, supported and welcomed, which illustrates the significance ‘community’ plays in college-life.

In 2022 we aspire to build upon this great work through placing greater emphasis on the wellbeing of our staff and students through the implementation of our new Wellbeing Framework.

To support our literacy agenda, in 2022, the college will have a primary focus on the Literacy Cycle (Speaking, Reading and Writing) and its application. We endeavour to implement targeted and systematic intervention to all students of need, whilst adopting in-class learning tools which will support responsive teaching and learning practices. Through careful implementation, I am confident that we will see measurable learning gains across Years 7-12.

Another important contributor to school performance is human resourcing. Next year we have appointed a number of new staff, some of which will backfill existing positions, whilst others have been created out of identified need.

It gives my great pleasure to announce our 2022 recruits;

  • Mr Peter Graham – Student Engagement Specialist
  • Ms Heather Alison – School Counsellor
  • Emily Caffera & Diane Drew – Learning Support Teachers
  • Ms Saffron Belkessa-Wood – Middle Leader Business & Digital Technologies
  • Ms Kieren Waugh – Middle Leader Junior Years
  • Ms Nikki Symons – Middle Leaders Senior Years
  • Mr Malcolm Fahey – Middle Leader Senior Studies
  • Mr Adrian Baranyi – Middle Leader VET & Careers
  • Mr Paul Clarke – Teacher Maths & Technologies
  • Mr Marcello Cecchi – Teacher English & Humanities

I thoroughly look forward to welcoming our recruits in the new year and remain confident that they will value-add to the great work which is done at the college.

In summary, I would like to thank all members of our college community for their tireless support throughout the course of the year and I look forward to continuing the great work in 2022. 

Matt Brauer
Principal – Mount St Bernard College