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Providing diverse pathways to meet the wide ranging needs of students we serve


Greetings MSB Community,

Mercy has always been shaped by need and by the courageous response of those willing to allow God to bend and change them, to form and reform them to fit the purpose he designs. Our challenge is to creatively assist that shaping. (

Mount St Bernard College is continually stepping up to this challenge to look at ways at improving the outcomes of our community.  As a school we are often focused on the educational outcomes of our students, but as a community we are challenged to provide a holistic program that looks at the growth, development, well-being and life skills of those in our care.   This is a challenge that I believe we meet in each and every classroom, our social interactions, intervention programs, college activities and the way in which we respectfully engage with all stakeholders. 

I have had the privilege of engaging with our students at Year 8 Camp at Echo Creek last week.  In the short time I was present, I was able to see evidence of students respectfully engaging with their peers, teachers and Echo Creek Camp staff.  I was delighted to see the growth in individual confidence during activities and the desire of our students to be involved in everything without fear of embarrassment or failure.  It is experiences like this that build personal and social resilience in our youth to embrace change and approach obstacles in life with confidence and persistence.  A massive thank you to our staff who attended this camp to ensure that our students have these opportunities.