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As holidays are just around the corner, it has been quite a frantic and busy term. We’ve had many events in this short term with excursions, projects, assessments, ceremonies, graduations, formals, farewells to the Year 12s and departing staff, celebrating the new leaders of Year 11s going into their Senior Year in 2023 and lots of fun learning in the classrooms. To be fair…we’ve also had some unfortunate challenging days. I guess it is fair to say that staff and students have both experienced some highs and lows. As I arrived this term in September I will just focus on Term 4 and reflect on what has been quite an experience from my end.  

Coming to MSB I did not know what to expect other than what I knew from Googling the college before I arrived. During my time here I have met such a wonderful staff cohort who are here to make a difference. I have also met some wonderful, amazing, interesting, funny characters amongst the student cohort. If there is one thing that I can learn from my experience here is that I have always tried to treat everyone no matter who they are with dignity and respect. I do know that we have had challenges along the way, and I can only work with what I have in front of me and that is to support my staff and students who may be struggling but also embrace the positive vibes and connection that I have made with both the students, staff and families.  

Many thanks to the departing staff who will leave us with fond memories. Thank you to Warren Part, Peter Graham, Taylor Bitossi, Sharon Boyd and Chris Cornish for all the support provided to the students over the time that you have all spent here at the college. The staff and students will definitely miss you all for your dedication, commitment, compassion, support and for never giving up in making a positive difference. Each staff member has had a positive influence with the college community. 

The students will say that they have seen this big islander guy walking around the college thinking is that the Rock?…no it’s Mr Pati kindly asking students to return to class. It needs to be noted that I only walked around so as to hide from the emails on my laptop  in my office waiting for my replies. I just loved seeing the students in class engaged with so many fun, innovative activities implemented by the staff. I guess seeing this place from the outside looks amazing but also to see such a dedicated staff all present to make a difference with our students is what makes a difference.  

I am very honored to have had the opportunity to work alongside such a committed leadership team and a wonderful staff willing to make a difference. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in getting the role for Principal in 2023 and can only respect the process and move forward. All we can do is embrace the fact that MSB will be getting a Principal who brings a wealth of experience and will definitely hit the ground running when she arrives. The name of the incoming Principal is Narelle Hunt. She is very keen to meet and greet the staff when she arrives and is going to make a difference when she arrives to lead from the front. Staff will provide her with the support required and make her feel welcomed just as I was given the same welcome when I first arrived here. I am sure the students will warm up to her in the new year. 

I hope and pray that you will all have a safe, fun and loving Christmas with families and friends and the New year will bring you joy and success. Thank you for your support during my time here as Acting Principal. Take care and God Bless.  

Mr Sila Pati – Acting Principal