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Greetings MSB Community,

Over the past fortnight, the College Leadership Team has placed great emphasis on the implementation of the Clarity Framework, a systematic school improvement tool, developed by Canadian Professor, Dr Lyn Sharratt.

The college will use this approach to guide and inform our improvement strategies and build upon the great work in which we are doing, at both a classroom and administrative level. At the core of this work, we remain focussed on our students, ensuring high impact strategies are used to support engagement, learning and ultimately, student wellbeing.

As a subset to this work, our college continues to refine and development our Reading Program. This has been identified as a cornerstone to literacy development and is designed to support all students, regardless of their learner disposition. Literacy tutors have been allocated in both the day school and residential sector, to support this program. Under the supervision of our Literacy Coordinator and Leader of Diversity, these staff will be deployed in a targeted and systematic manner, to ensure maximum student learning gain.

On a personal note, I will be assuming leave from my position at the college for the remainder of term. An Acting Principal will be appointed during this period, who will lead the college in my absence. I am confident that the College Leadership Team will ensure ongoing leadership of the community and maintain college operations in my absence. I would like to thank my team in advance for their support and flexibility during this time.

Matt Brauer
Principal – Mount St Bernard College