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Term 3 is a busy time of year for students and staff.  We are approaching assessment deadlines and preparing to develop student Progress Reports.  This time of terms reinforces the importance of student participation and engagement in learning.  It is important for students to participate actively in class discussions and group activities. Sharing thoughts, asking questions, and responding to others’ ideas can demonstrate students’ engagement and understanding of the material.  Respectful relationships are crucial as students start to get tired and stressed with assessment deadlines looming.  The ability to develop resilience to meet deadlines is a fabulous life skill and will benefit students in the future. Being punctual and attending all classes will support the students to succeed.  Students are only learning important curriculum content if they are present in their lessons.  Being punctual, prepared, and ready to engage needs to be prioritised by all our students.  We understand that there are valid times when students will be late for class due to a scheduled appointment.  In these instances, it is essential for students to follow the correct process and advise student reception of the appointment they are attending. 

Mrs Narelle Hunt – Principal